Keenan is like Red Bull for your brain and he wants to light a fire in you!

Keenan is the author of the Best Selling Sales Book and Amazon #1 Hot New Release Gap Selling. As well as CEO of A Sales Guy Consulting and Training.

He's refused to let the world around him tell him who he’s supposed to be, how he’s supposed to do it and when. He has been captain of his own ship and there is NOTHING he regrets.

Keenan is about celebrating life; giving, caring, sharing and celebrating the things that make a difference and the people that have learned to own their life not give it away.

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A podcast dedicated to the interesting, the rebellious and the successful.

The episodes will address fear, drive, empathy, courage, commitment, and other emotions/characteristics and attributes that fuel and lay under the surface of those who are: Interesting, rebellious, and successful.

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On Keenan Live Episode 7, Chief of Police for the city of Manhattan Beach, Derrik Abell and Keenan discuss the controversial topics of black lives matter, all lives matter, defunding the police, and the thin blue line. Has looting tainted the black lives matter movement and what needs to be done to fix today’s racial tension?

In this episode of Keenan Live 6, Al Getler, a comedian ventriloquist and his characters (Floyd, Salvador, and Hamilton) talk with Keenan about ventriloquism, life choices, finding your passion and not giving up on it, and the resistance people face when doing so. It's time to stop accepting the idea that you’re supposed to do things a certain way and live the life that you want to live!

Keenan Live Episode 5 with WSJ bestselling author, David Finkel! In this episode, they cover topics from Finkel’s book, The Freedom Formula: How to Succeed in Business Without Sacrificing Your Family, Health, or Life. Check out this episode to learn why working longer and harder doesn’t pay off, why people sacrifice everything for the sake of career, what it means to operationalize working smarter, and more!

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Break out the popcorn and milk duds, pull down that wooden lever on the side of your chair, kick back and enjoy.

A dope interview with David Dunning, author of the Dunning-Krueger Effect study. Too many of us over value our skills. In other words. We're not as good as we think we are.

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Are You Good Enough At Your Job to Bet On Yourself?

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