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My New Show VS’s.

Ever wonder who would win in a fight?  A Grizzly bear or a Silverback gorilla?  Have you ever wondered what's more important, humility or pride?  What should a kid do out of highschool, take a gap year or go straight to college?  I address the answers and more in my new show VS's. I dropped…
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I Want That Life

You already know the story. I was sitting on a park bench.  We were a month into Covid-19 and I hadn't been out of my house except to sit on this park bench and to buy groceries. With the exception of my daughters, I hadn't spent time with another soul.  I'd binged watched countless Netflix…
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Life Over Safety

That's the view from my deck in Manhattan Beach. I'm sitting here now. You can hear the ocean waves crashing just below. I can see the sand, the beachgoers, and the stream of people cruising the strand. I'm sitting atop the beach; it's a 180-degree difference from the 4,500 sq ft. suburban Denver home I…
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Being “YOU” Is Hard! But Do it Anyway

I get it. Being your authentic self can be hard for a number of reasons; you don't exactly know who you are, the criticism and critiquing can be too much, we don't like not fitting in, society tells us there is something wrong with us, etc. There are a lot of reasons why being our…
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